Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Few Thoughts on the Trayvon Martin Case

A few thoughts about the Trayvon Martin case. On March 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin was killed in a gated community in Florida. The black teenager was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, who was not arrested by the Sanford police because he claimed self-defense.

Since then, the case has caught fire on a national level and has become a lightning rod for social justice, prompting protests and rallies across the country calling for Zimmerman's arrest.

USA Today / News did a story called "Trayvon Martin's Case Turns Into Brand"---"From the T-shirt and hoodie sales to trademarking slogans like "Justice for Trayvon." Websites are hawking key chains bearing Trayvon Martin's likeness. His parents have bought two trademarks, saying they hope to raise money to help other families struck by tragedy. Trayvon clothes, bumper stickers, buttons and posters are up for grabs on eBay.

We even had a sitting U.S. Congressman who came to the house floor wearing a hoodie to make a point about racial profiling---he was removed from the floor. We have Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson exploiting this case for personal reasons---notice that I would not give either one of these race baiters the title of Reverend.

When all the smoke clears and it will, the facts will come out , and again we will see how the main stream media and the Jackson's and Sharpton's have exploited this young man's death for their own political narrative. 

I think back to April 18, 2006, when  three white members of the Duke University Mens Lacrosse Team were arrested for sexually assaulting a female exotic dancer during an off-campus party. Do you remember how the main stream media had these three boys convicted of the crime even before all the facts were in, plus the district Attorney Michael Nifong twisted the case to garner votes from the African American community for his up-coming reelection.

As Americans we must hold our leaders to a high level of accountability, but we must not, we can't take the law into our own hands and allow our emotions to lead us, we must allow the facts to come out in this case and allow the judicial system to take its course. We have a main stream media that has a narrative that must be filled and they will, and do twist the facts to fill their narrative.

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