Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Be Relentless

You know there is a barrel of words that can be used to describe what a "leader looks like," well, this word may have been on the bottom of the barrel, but it really jumped out for me, the word is RELENTLESS.

In Paula Broadwell's  new book All In: The Education Of David Petraeus, Broadwell describes the Four-star general-turned-CIA director as RELENTLESS.

Just the title of the book "All In," describes the General as one who was "sold out," some may be familiar with the term "All In" as a phrase used in poker meaning--- to wager one's entire stake.

There are times as leaders when we have to put the "pedal to the metal" and just "take off", be on the "attack," and just be "All In."

How about if we take this principle of being RELENTLESS and apply it to our pursuit of God; have you ever heard people testify that they “tried” Jesus but it didn’t work; something else eventually fills the gap for them?

Well the Apostle Paul never gave up in his own personal pursuit of Christ---The object of the apostle's life—that for which he sacrificed everything: country, kindred, honor, comfort, liberty, and life itself, was, that he might know Christ (Philippians 3:10).

As a Christian leader (a husband, father, mother, wife, son, daughter, manager, director,) be RELENTLESS in your pursuit of God, be "All In," wager the entire stake; which in this case is your "life."

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