Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Leadership is influence

I recently (August 2011 graduated) decided to go back to school and get a masters degree. As I took out the school's catalog, I started to search for a major that looked interesting, (and had the least credits) and would help in the field that I was currently in (social work).

Well, I decided to take up professional leadership---a track that seemed to me  the most practical. I reasoned that in some regard we are all leaders, whether we are dads, moms, husbands, wives, students, or teachers, we all lead in some respect.

So, I concluded that I fit at least two areas of leadership, being a father and a husband. But as I pondered even further, I said, "hold up here," I claim to be follower of Jesus, so I'm a leader again, I'm doing social work, so I'm a leader again, I'm a small group facilitator, so I'm a leader again. It really struck me that leadership touches every aspect of our lives.

All of that for this: The one sticky from all my courses that has permeated my every fiber is that leadership is "influence." Plain and simple, leadership is plain old "follow me as I follow Christ"---I thinks we heard that somewhere before.

Now, I don't know if I needed to spend buku dollars to learn that, but that is beside the point. Maybe for me it took four years and (36 credits) for that sticky to sink into my thick skull, but I think I got it.

Everything that we do, every word that we speak, is going out and influencing those around us. This influence can be either negative or positive. Influence goes both ways: it can be good or bad.

Leader, let your influence first come from you yourself being influenced by the God of the Scriptures. Let every being of your personhood come under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Allow the Word of God to sanctify your heart, mind, and soul.

Then go out after having been in the presence of God and influence those around you for the glory of God. Allow your influence to preach the gospel of grace to others. Let your Godly influence shout out and proclaim the God you serve.

Well, you got this for free, it is a simple message, but it is foundational to the christian life. Influence is the foundation for all leadership teaching---you will find influence taught in all leadership books whether secular or Christian.

So christian, go and be the light and salt to the world.

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