Wednesday, December 28, 2011


One aspect of leadership that is absent from most books is the dimension of faith. Faith certainly takes leadership to a whole new level. Now, I can already hear the boos from the crowd, so let me silence the critics real quick. I'm not talking about the faith that says, "let me jump off this building and believe that God will protect me."

But I'm talking about a faith that trusts and relies on God to do some big things in our lives and in the lives of those who we lead. I think of Moses and Joshua who led with faith and EXPECTED God to do great things.

If you're leading others, lead with faith, believing that God can bust into any situation and turn things around for His Glory and Honor.

Steve Furtick, in his book Sun Stand Still sums up this kind of faith filled leadership this way when he says:

Dream God-worthy dreams. Pray faith-fueled prayers. Live a life that can be explained only by the existence of a God who is infinitely great.


  1. Good post...nice blog...keep the faith.

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