Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leadership Is Leading

Leadership is leading, seems obvious, but believe it or not, many leaders don't do the hard work of leading. Many leaders hide behind the veil of compromise, so as not to risk making enemies. There are too many leaders who just want to be nice, who don't want to hurt any feelings.

Leadership involves making the hard decisions that most people don't want to make, most don't have the chutzpa to make those real hard decisions, again, too many leaders just want to be liked.

Think of this question; would you want to be led into war by General MacArthur or be led by a General who is more concerned with everybody liking him? I'll take MacArthur anytime.

Now, I do understand that there needs to be balance, I'm all about balance. Yes, a leader can be authoritarian, and that has its own set of unique problems, but the point is that a leader must lead and make hard, tough, and unpopular decisions. Think of the father who needs to say NO to their teen; we know the teen well rant and rave, but the father who loves his teen will be more concerned for their teens emotional, physical, and spiritual health than being liked at the present moment.

We see  the balance that a leader needs to exhibit in the leadership of Christ, He made the hard, and tough decisions, but he showed compassion and empathy to those who he led. Leadership is all about balance---there are time to be hard, tough, unmovable, and there are times to be a servant, feeling the hurt and pains of those who are following your leadership.

Leaders lead, and make the hard decisions without any regard for your vain need to be liked. The need to be liked is a curse on leadership. Lead with the balance that Christ exhibited in his life; firm and loving leadership needs to be the goal of all leaders.

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